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What if you could blast through books as fast as you turn the pages – without having to use a cumbersome speed reading technique?

With PhotoReading, people are PhotoReading at speeds exceeding 25,000 words a minute.

Beginning PhotoReaders are able to get through their reading materials at least three times faster than they can with traditional reading techniques.

Visit the fascinating PhotoReading site, which is packed full of useful information.



“Easy Tips for Faster Reading” by Paul R. Scheele
“How to Process and Understand Materials Three Times Faster than You Do Right Now” by Pete Bissonette
“Body/Mind Link for Inner Peace” by Paul R. Scheele
“Essence of Qigong” by Master Chunyi Lin
“Understanding the Healing Power of Qigong” by Master Chunyi Lin
“Six Factors that Block Qi” by Master Chunyi Lin
“Three Vital Elements of Qigong Exercise” by Master Chunyi Lin
“The Spirit of Yoga” by Sandy Millies
“The Nature of Reiki and Energy Healing” by Sandy Millies

Product Reviews

“A whole mind approach to read with speed, comprehension, and enjoyment”
PhotoReading Live Seminar
“Learn to PhotoRead from a master PhotoReader, in a friendly environment”
PhotoReading Book
“Learn about PhotoReading from the developer's own words”
Natural Brilliance
“Overcome any challenge...at will”
EasyLearn Language Programs
“In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can learn a new language”
Spring Forest Qigong
“Take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body, leaving you with more energy”

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